Sex and Bullets (DVD)
starring Judd Nelson

Sex and Bullets (DVD)<br>starring Judd Nelson
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Starring: Judd Nelson, Seymour Cassel, Joe Viterelli Director: Ruben Preuss Color, NTSC, 90 Minutes Rated: R

Badda Bing Bang Bang Boom... The Mob Never Knew What Hit 'Em!

Two slackers, two waitresses, and several mobsters get involved in an evening of sex, food and murder. Through their encounters with each other, they all wind up a little better off...or dead.

Max (Judd Nelson, The Breakfast Club, TVís Suddenly Susan) and Eddie (Seymour Cassel, Honeymoon In Vegas) are a couple of hit men who just whacked the son of the local Mob boss Fat Tony Ragoni (Joe Viterelli, Analyze This) Ė and now Fat Tony and his henchmen are after them. Scared for their lives, Max and Eddie split up and decide to rendezvous later at the local convenience store.

In the meantime, all hell breaks loose. The over-sexed Max hooks up with Betty by convincing her that he is a sex therapist. He seduces her into the sack and then abruptly takes off. Furious, Betty finds a gun and vows to follow Max and kill him. Meanwhile, Eddie stops off at a bar where he spots Fat Tony. He tries to escape the bar, but on his way out discovers that someone has stolen his car with Fat Tonyís sonís body still in the trunk.

When Eddie and Max finally meet up at the convenience store, along with the several other crazy individuals they have met along the way, tempers heat up and the bullets fly!